About Elle

Elle is an Intelligent Triad

Elle is born by fusing together the fields of enterprise philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, mathematics, transactional economics and logic to propel business growth.

AI robo-advisor to recommend
matching products tied to
your business goals & cut your costs


Marketplace to connect you curated enterprise vendors & SPs


TrulyOpenNetwork engine to help you discover, compare, rate products at your location


Elle is made to help smart companies be more productive, efficient and impactful.

icon Chat with Elle Elle’s powerful AI-powered Conversation Commerce Platform help you to move closer to your business goals
icon Procure confidently Leverage Elle’s aggregated buying power from verified vendors for comparing multiple offers, reviewing deals, negotiating contracts, and buying digital services.
icon Insightful reports Routinely-triggered, proactive auto-MIS reports that make your team’s life easier
icon Business tools [coming soon] Centralised Inventory Management, Contract Management, Invoice Processing, Bill payment, & more to centralise, control & monitor expenses
icon Secured & Compliant Your data is yours. You can retrieve it anytime. Elle is Trusted, Safe, Private & Compliant using a 256-Banking Grade Encryption & SSL

How Elle Works


I start by helping enterprises to slash their recurring expenses in communications, voice, data, marketing, cloud & other services & solutions that they rely on.



I ask from them answers to key questions on their business goals. Based on this and invoices provided, I intelligently update customer profiles & keep deep-learning about the enterprise.



My engine starts proactively recommeding them new products matching to their business goals, e.g. Conferencing tools, Disaster Recovery , Brand marketing,etc.

Enterprise Products, Solutions, Services Categories

Offerings on Elle’s platform for your business digital objectives

  • 3G, 4G Mobile Sim Connection
  • Datacard Dongle
  • International Roaming Solutions
  • MPLS, Internet & P2P Leased Line
  • Analog PSTN(DEL)
  • Audio & Video conference
  • Toll Free numbers
  • Centrex
  • Broadband & Combo Lines
  • Other Voice & Data circuits
  • Network Audit
  • Security Audit PT
  • Security Audit VA
  • Ondemand Backup
  • Datacenter Hosting
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Telecom Billing Audit
  • Expense Audit
  • Telecom Expense Reduction/optimisation
  • DRaaS

& More

  • Router
  • Switch
  • Firewall
  • UTM
  • Wireless Controller
  • Access Point
  • EPBX
  • IP Phones
  • Analog Phones
  • Digital Phones

& More

  • Antivirus
  • End Point Security
  • Call Billing
  • TEM
  • Server OS Licenses
  • VC
  • Call Recording
  • VoIP Call logger
  • Voice logger
  • Dialer

& More

  • Innovative packages
  • Hi speed Wifi setup
  • Security Engg
  • Network Engg
  • Security Auditor
  • TEM Specialist
  • Network optimiser
  • Security reviewer
  • Network architect
  • CCCNA certified
  • CCIP certified
  • Industry Insider Champion


Elle is in Beta and free to start with. As your challenges grow, Elle’s tools aim to add more value to your organisation. Elle offers a prepaid wallet, from which credits [tokens] are deducted according to the services consumed. Details to follow soon, as of now, Elle is totally free, no strings attached.



per month

    Free Features:
  • Uploading Bills
  • Saving Overview Recommendations
  • Saving Detailed Recommendations[Based on Bill Spend & type]
  • Savings Offers
  • Proactive Suggestions
  • Bill Payment
  • TrulyOpen Network
  • 2 Team members/ Users
  • Number of Locations, Cost Codes
  • Expense Management Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Also refer to Elle’s Help Center for support articles, knowledge base, and how-to guides.

What can Elle.bot do for me?
Elle begins with slashing your company’s fixed & mobile telecom bills - be it voice or data.
Then Elle continously works along-side you to intelligently harness the huge power of telecom services, marketing products, data & cloud solutions curated from verified solution providers
How does Elle.bot work?
Simply start by uploading your phone, mobile, data, voice PDF bills on her trunk, she’d slash your bills by up to a third or more!
Elle shall generate automatic intelligent recommendations to optimise your recurring cost.
Elle works on the cloud, so there is nothing for you to download or install, she is available 24/7 at your service on a web browser.
Why should I come to Elle?
After 18+ years of expertise, managing more a billion dollar of telecom spend, working with nearly 500+ marketing & telecom leaders & crunching exabytes of data from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, Elle has developed an insight into understanding how much individuals and organisations are overpaying for telecom & data services, and how under-optimised their digital environment is due to a hosts os reasons.
More than 50% of the companies do not know how many telecom or digital services they use, nor are they able to select the perfect telecom service to meet their precise business objectives--and budgets. Elle can benchmark, audit and evaluate if you’re overpaying for your fixed & mobile services--and fix it for you to bring you at optimum levels.
No really, why only Elle.bot?
In this telecom jungle, by digesting a wealth of data from various sources including telecom bills for small, medium, large enterprises & individuals, over 17 years, I’ve learnt 2 things that I’d like to share with you: Choosing & buying telecom packages is confusing Cutting phone & mobile costs & keeping expense low is complex, Be it for small business, SOHO or your large company, I’d like to help you to cut costs + grow stronger.
What are some benefits I can expect from Elle?
Cut your fixed, mobile, voice, data telecom costs - drastically Grow your revenue talk to me about your business objectives and needs, I’d help you to wring maximum revenue by leveraging the power of telecom products, services & solutions I can help you pick the best solutions for launching your products, securing your network or branding your company
How do I get the recommended solutions implemented for my office?
Elle would first talk with you about your objectives to recommend the best alternatives exactly matching your needs. With your permission, Elle then connects you to the most relevant curated service providers. Finally Elle helps you facilitate the process from procurement to payment every step of the way.
What else can you help me with?
Also, I’d offer you tools building to grow your business [coming soon]
Some of them are called: Telecom Service Inventory Management, Telecom Invoice Processing, Contract Management, Enterprise Bill Payments, and more.
Not enough? Elle is also coming up with tools that help you manage, control & optimise those services, connections or circuits you bought!
Any interesting, innovating stuff that I can know?
Elle’s building a TrulyOpenNetwork in this forest, where you’d be able to discover, rate & review your service providers at a given location on the basis of attributes like Voice quality [call drops] Bandwidth [internet speed] Price [value for money] Customer service
Tell me an interesting fact about Elephants
Did you know that female elephants of my kind have lived beyond 60 years when kept in semi-natural surroundings, such as forest camps.
Tell me an interesting fact about telecom bills
Your typical fixed or mobile bill contain as many as 72 charge components [fields] that when smartly extracted generate a wealth of intelligent insights for your company.

My Anti-Fragile Architecture

Apart from being robust, Elle gains from stressors in the environment, changes in the industry, disorder in your landscape--and passes on these benefits to the users. Elle’s AI capabilities are always evolving for the following:

bigdata    Big Data Architecture

Sift and mine through exabytes of data patterns across telcos, data service providers and digital solution vendors leading into a massive “BIG DATA” architecture for TSP/ISP, cloud vendors to provide the best matching solutions.

icon3    Analytics Engine with Deep-Learning

Constantly profile, parse, audit & understand enterprise communication & marketing bills to understand spends / usage trends to identify overages, leakages, opportunities for cost savings & recommend the appropriate rate plan by using her proprietary Machine Learning & NLP algorithms

icon2    Ontological Search with QA System

Question Answer based intelligent Conversation for searches, negotiation, quotation, order management, purchases & leads management for partners. From a text data set, Elle can extract, parse, learn, & precisely summarize the answer to questions. It means more relevant services without spending more time.

icon4    Recommendation & Optimisation Algorithm

Tied to your business goals, I match hundreds of solutions, products, services to recommend the most suitable ones at the right time. On Elle, you get access to the best-vetted products at the most competitive benchmarked rates in the industry.

My Team

Guts, Heart, Smarts & Luck - Our Team has the four ingredients required for Your Success


Pranay Sanghavi

Founder & CEO

Sandipan Chattopadhyay


Sumit Mehta

COO & Domain Expert

Vikram Bansal

VP - Tech & AI Expert

Steven Enamakel

VP - Products & Security Expert

Gaurang Sudra

VP - Marketing

Suhas Dattatreya

Products & NLP Engineer

Nikhil Rao



Backend Engineer

Sagar Ramteke

Investor & Business Advisor

Naveen Chava

Investor & Business Advisor

Shalin Shah

Investor & Business Advisor

Srinivas Koora

Investor & Business Advisor


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