How to Kill Your Bill in 2019!

Launching Elle.bot – Your Trusted Enterprise Robo-Advisor

Now that the flurry of new year wishes has reduced, its time to get back to reducing costs, too. One of the business goals in 2019 for a small or large enterprise is to reduce recurring telecom spend, aka kill my bill. Here is how to dramatically slash costs by up to 33% or more:

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  3. Upload all your telecom PDF bills on to Elle’s trunk
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Kill Your Bill by up to 33% or more in 2019: Save money by uploading your bills: fixed line, mobile, landline, data links, cloud and other enterprise connectivity services.

Slash your company’s communications costs, now!

Meet Elle.bot

Elle.bot inspects your communication bills and telecom environment to find opportunities that can save you money, improve your performance, increase your reliability, and help you implement best practices.

Powered by Intellibuzz since 2000, our customers have viewed over 2.6 million bill recommendations and realized over $90 million in estimated cost reductions.

How to Secure your Network & Business

Like flies to honey, miscreants swarm to the latest exploits that promise quick bucks with minimal effort. Ransomware and cryptojacking had their day; now it’s formjacking’s turn.

As ransomware shows early signs of decline, new forms of attack emerge to take its place.

Stealthy techniques allow attackers to fly under the radar, placing enterprises at increasing risk.

  • Formjacking: the breakthrough threat of 2018.
  • Living off the land attacks: a staple of today’s threat landscape.
  • Targeted attack groups: wreaking havoc through destructive malware.
  • Cloud insecurity: S3 buckets and chip vulnerabilities expose your data.

Is your enterprise protected well enough from such attacks? Elle.bot brings you the tools from the best of partners to protect your network, communications, data and business from a 360 degree standpoint. Get security in place fast. Join us to learn how Elle.bot can help you:

“Mr. Watson — Come here — I want to see you.”

March 11, 143 years ago: the first intelligible words spoken over the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, the guy widely credited with the invention of telephone.

Bell founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1885

In today’s era of smartphone, its hard to imagine a life without a smartphone. The one-to-one basic telephony connectivity has evolved from the plain old telephone system [POTS] to always-online business communications tools like audio, video, web conferencing with multiple parties on the same bridge from anywhere in the world.

Elle.bot is a telecom robo advisor, to help you achieve easier and faster connectivity at lower costs. Elle.bot solutions connect your team members to your customers, partners and employees around the globe at 1/3rd of the cost.

Learn more about domestic and international conferencing services from Elle.bot partners and innovators. Over to Elle.bot. Write to us at hello@elle.bot for accelerating your business ahead.

Add the most value to your business with Elle.bot solutions

Today’s CEOs are focused on business growth, and Telecom/Mobility/IT leaders are uniquely positioned to deliver the capabilities to make it happen. The future of business depends on effective legacy modernization as much as innovation.

Elle.bot focuses on these dual priorities, exploring the latest approaches to optimize existing telecom & IT spend as well as leading-edge technologies driving business transformation.

Elle is where digital business gets real. Learn about the innovative solutions that will add the most value to your business. Be in the same room as some of the world’s leading technologies and see new telecom products and emerging technologies come alive.

Sign up for free and start optimising your spend, or let us know your telecom, mobility or IT requirements.

Telematics for you

Every new technology starts out scattered, relying on different standards, form factors, implementation approaches and so on. Telecom / Mobility /IT & digital subscription service [Telematics] has proven no different – except it now has reached the point where it can and should be moved from a decentralized to a centralized model for ease of management and insight.

AOTMP, one of the foremost researchers in this area explains what Telematics means: The realm of telematics is rapidly expanding to encompass a new set of capabilities. As organizations seek to connect everything, they are generating loads of newly uncovered data to explore and use to improve experiences, change workflows to be fully automated and efficient, improving business outcomes, and streamlining resource consumption.

Elle.bot is building tools to streamline a digital communications management strategy and achieve more impactful business outcomes through informed and thoughtful management tactics.

Contact us to learn how Elle.bot, your trusted enterprise robo-advisor can help you in procuring the best solutions for achieving financial, operational efficiency and driving productivity, safety, collaboration in your business.

How to Build a Telecom / Mobility / IT Management Center of Excellence

Your Journey Starts with elle

Organizations are challenged to innovate and efficiently manage the lifecycle of business-driving technology. Emerging technologies such as cloud, SD-WAN and apps are being introduced into the medium to large enterprise environment at an ever-increasing rate. Keeping up with the pace of change while understanding how this technology drives business results can be complex tasks for IT and Telecom leaders.

Challenges persist despite organizations’ repeated attempts to overcome them.

  • CIOs struggle to maintain a balance between innovation and operational excellence.
  • Business unit leaders and line of business owners require increased strategic cooperation with telecom/IT/mobility to drive business growth and opportunity.
  • Telecom/IT departments are challenged with ongoing service delivery inefficiency while trying to keep pace with the changing demands of the business.
Elle leads the way, and guides you to lead your industry

The solution to overcoming technology challenges and leveraging the telecom/IT/mobility environment to drive technical, operational and financial excellence while promoting business growth and opportunity lies with building & implementing & a Telecom Management Center of Excellence.

Elle has designed a holistic set of enterprise recommendation services that will take you on this journey, including Performance Scoring, Industry-specific Bundling, Research framework and Advisory packages tailored to the business need.

Elle strategically positions your organisation to gain the most out of telecom / mobility / IT

Say hello to Elle

Ready to launch your journey to telecom / mobility / IT excellence? Hitch a ride on the elephant Elle. Chat with one of our experts on live chat now on our website, or write to us at hello@elle.bot and a representative will contact you.

The State of the Telecom / Mobility / IT Industry

…And your organisation estate

The telecom/mobility/IT management industry continues to evolve. New and emerging technology along with ever-changing business demands are driving enterprise transformation efforts across the globe. With this movement, enterprises must have the right strategy in place to help them manage all of the change.

  • How is the telecom/mobility/IT management industry evolving?
  • What does it mean to both enterprises and vendors who provide solutions that help organizations manage their estates?
State of the industry, and your organisation connectivity estate

Elle works with our customers to reimagine the world of business communications and collaboration. This relentless passion to innovate has made us the #1 communications advisor in Asia, and we don’t plan on stopping there.

Technology breaks down barriers and unlocks potential, making it easy for people to do their best work together. In today’s mobile world, this means giving teams, partners, and customers the ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect the way they want on any device, anywhere, anytime. It’s what we call collaborative communications.

With our flexible, cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions vetted from curated service provider, we’ve created the ideal bundles, where business can be done more efficiently and effectively. From an all-in-one cloud phone system with team messaging and video conferencing to a complete contact center and more, we build solutions for every business, no matter how big or small.

Free Advisory Consultation Session

Write to hello@elle.bot for a free advisory session with our expert analysts for your industry. Or visit our website to review your environment and slash your existing costs.

Telecom/Mobility/IT market in 2019

Worldwide spending on Telecom/Mobility/IT will reach $3.85 Trillion in 2019

As organizations continue to invest in emerging technologies to facilitate increases in efficiency, productivity and business results, the Telecom/Mobility/IT market is posed to experience decent growth over the next three years: a consistent growth coupled with increasing investment within regions across the world.

By 2022, the global Telecom/Mobility/IT market size will reach approximately $4.3 Trillion

Worldwide spending on Telecom/Mobility/IT will reach $3.85 Trillion in 2019 and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% though 2022. While over a quarter of spending is attributable to the United States, increased investment in regions such as Europe and Asia Pacific show promise in terms of growing market opportunity for vendors.

Elle supports private equity firms, financial institutions, M&A firms, consultants and others who are currently pursuing or wish to pursue investment into the telecom/mobility/IT industry. Elle also works with CIOs, CFOs, and other top-level executives who are responsible and accountable for telecom/IT/mobility in their effort to understand the current market size trends and the future direction of the telecom/IT/mobility industry, and the impacts to their own organisations.

Worldwide spending on Telecom/Mobility/IT will reach $3.85 Trillion in 2019


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Are you paying TOO MUCH for Telecom Connectivity?

Elle.bot inspects your communications & marketing environment to find you opportunities that can save you money, improve your performance, increase your reliability

Voice & bandwidth rates vary tremendously. Usually, it’s tariffs that add up to make your telecom bill much higher than it should be. Our rapid search capability speed searches our database that includes every major telecom service provider, channel partners, resellers and carriers with highly competitive rate plans. Couple this with Elle’s aggregated buying power to get you the best rates.

Elle.bot: Kill My Bill

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  • Compare the best deals and negotiate the lowest rates on Internet leased lines, Broadband, MPLS and more
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#Elle.bot inspects your communications & marketing environment to finds opportunities that can save you money, improve your performance, increase your reliability, and help you implement best practices. Since 2000, customers have viewed over 2.6 million bill recommendations and realized over $90 million in estimated cost reductions. #KillTheBill now