How to Kill Your Bill in 2019!

Launching Elle.bot – Your Trusted Enterprise Robo-Advisor

Now that the flurry of new year wishes has reduced, its time to get back to reducing costs, too. One of the business goals in 2019 for a small or large enterprise is to reduce recurring telecom spend, aka kill my bill. Here is how to dramatically slash costs by up to 33% or more:

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  3. Upload all your telecom PDF bills on to Elle’s trunk
  4. Elle magically generates savings recommendations for you. Check your savings email

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Kill Your Bill by up to 33% or more in 2019: Save money by uploading your bills: fixed line, mobile, landline, data links, cloud and other enterprise connectivity services.

Slash your company’s communications costs, now!

Meet Elle.bot

Elle.bot inspects your communication bills and telecom environment to find opportunities that can save you money, improve your performance, increase your reliability, and help you implement best practices.

Powered by Intellibuzz since 2000, our customers have viewed over 2.6 million bill recommendations and realized over $90 million in estimated cost reductions.

Machine learning at a glance

Computer scientists have been seriously exploring artificial intelligence — the idea that machines can mimic the cognitive functions of the human brain — for more than 60 years. No longer the stuff of science fiction, AI now has practical applications across industries and functions, and businesses are adopting it for everything from marketing personalization and image classification to supply- chain optimization and fraud detection.

One technique in particular forms the backbone of many organizations’ AI strategies: machine learning (ML), which uses large volumes of data to train sophisticated algorithms to self-improve. ML enables businesses to make sense of the unprecedented amounts of data now available to them, unlocking insights and efficiencies that can deliver competitive advantage.

Elle.bot has been working with various partners like Google, Amazon and others to make ML solutions more powerful, accessible, and secure, developing open-source tools and cloud-based services that can help businesses solve complex problems.

In addition to publishing groundbreaking scientific research of its own, Elle.bot regularly commissions independent studies on vital aspects of the evolving ML landscape, including enterprise adoption rates, typical use cases, expected and achieved benefits, and success factors. Elle.bot has put together some of its most compelling recent findings to guide you on your journey, whether you’re new to ML or want to get more value from your existing program.

Drive your Workplace Transformation

G Suite gives businesses a secure, cost-effective way to collaborate. Elle.bot can show you how. And with a special discount from Elle.bot

Make it with G Suite: Reimagine how your business works

Innovation requires collaboration

If your business is like most, teams are disconnected, legacy processes can slow work down and remote employees struggle to collaborate. The result? Innovation stagnates.

Adopt the right tools, however, and you can change that story quickly and transform your workplace. Elle.bot can help.

AI-Marketing Services

Elle.bot provides AI-Marketing services to help you succeed. Elle.bot marketing activities can help you plan campaigns, reach new customers, build awareness, and drive demand for your solutions and services.

With Elle.bot, you have exclusive insight into our go-to-market strategy. Leverage our tools, strategies, and branding to drive growth for your business.

By aligning our marketing efforts, we have the opportunity to present a more impactful message to our customers on how we can help address their highest-priority needs.

Develop your marketing plan

What: Maximize the reach of your campaigns. Create a healthy pipeline and generate sustainable revenue.

Why: Align your business objectives and goals with performance.

How: A quarterly marketing plan that outlines your marketing strategies, tactics, costs, and projected results.

Setup a landing page

What: A landing page describes the details of your joint-solution.

Why: Share information with new and potential customers, collect leads and provide a destination for external media advertising and banner ads.

How: Follow our best practices for creating a joint-solution landing page on your website that describes your solution

Nominate a customer success story

What: Customer stories showcase how you worked with your product to solve a customer’s business challenge.

Why: Customer stories serve as real-world proof of the success customers have experienced through your solutions. They also help you grow in your industry.

Next steps: learn about opportunities to collaborate on customer stories, and co-brand your solution with Elle.bot

Utilise Custom-made Resources

What: Playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers and industry kits

Why: Understand sales plays and drive demand with customer ready messaging and content

Use our marketing services

What: Elle.bot has selected agencies with deep channel experience to assist you with designing, documenting and executing a marketing campaign. 

Why: Elle.bot wants you to achieve your business goals. This service gives you individualized support to do so. 

Next Steps: Contact us to find out what Marketing Services are available in your region.

Work with our Experienced Team

What: Produce content and simple tools to build effective campaigns, faster.

Why: Elevate your brand.

How: Elle.bot expert team powered with AI tools understands your business objectives in the context of overall vision

Benefits of Elle.bot AI-Powered Marketing Services

  • Quickly become visible to potential buyers
  • Raise awareness about your business, as well as to establish credibility in the industry
  • Generate awareness and boost demand with your target customers.

Power your Sales + Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Reach new customers, build awareness, and drive demand

Elle.bot AI-powered Sales+Marketing Consultancy & Advisory services accelerate your business and expand your opportunities with our resources, expertise & tools.

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Get inspired

Uncover the latest marketing research and digital trends with data reports, guides, infographics, and articles.

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Gain new digital skills

Learn how to succeed with Google Ads. Whether you’re new to online advertising or a seasoned pro, we provide all the tools you’ll need. for running Google ads and digital strategy best practices.

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Learn lead nurturing best practices

Lay the groundwork for a successful nurturing campaign and/or improve the processes you already have in place.

Lead Acquisition Kit

  • Banner ads
  • Social media
  • Gated analyst reports

Lead Nurture Kit: Digital

  • Marketing emails
  • Whitepapers
  • Graphic articles
  • Microsites

Partner Event Kit

  • Pre- and post-event emails
  • Registration page
  • Event deck 
  • Event agenda

Sales Kit

  • Sales emails
  • Pitch deck
  • Sales one-sheet
Enhance your marketing efforts with Artificial Intelligence powered Elle.bot.

Leverage our marketing best practice guides for insights and actionable steps that can maximize your joint marketing efforts with Elle.bot. Reach new customers, build awareness, and drive demand. Let Elle.bot do it for you.

Using Marketing Funds

Consider this article as a prequel to our previous post of Measuring Marketing Investment. Marketing funds in a company are used to create brand awareness and demand lead generation. Not all activities qualify for Marketing Funds. From our experience in various companies, the marketing budget is allocated to the Chief Marketing Officer with a list of qualifying activities and non-qualifying activities & expenses.

Which Marketing Activity would generate a positive ROI for my company?

Qualifying Activities

Demand Generation & Market Development

Advertising Advertising includes activities such as print and online material, including: newsletters, signs, inserts, banners, social media, and SEO/SEM.
Collateral Whitepaper, case studies, success stories, co-branded visuals, product one-sheeters,
Events – Industry Industry conference (excluding sponsorship for partner-led industry conferences)
Training Sales or technical training on your company’s products or services.
Events – Customer-facing Events include activities such as tradeshows, live events and webinars, workshops, seminars, and strategic customer events.
Direct Marketing Email, direct mail
Telemarketing Campaigns Telemarketing includes activities such as calling campaigns, outreach for promotions, events, etc.
Customer / End-user Offer Customer activities with a call to action that are designed to generate leads, seats, and trials, and move prospects through the sales cycle.
Web marketing Social media, SEO/SEM, webcasts, webinars
List Purchase Purchasing customer lists to support events and telemarketing activities.
Sales Promotions and Incentive Include activities such as incentive for sales, contests, and giveaways.

Non-qualifying activities & Expenses

Marketing Activity

Company Events Team building events, internal (non-product related) training, holiday parties, happy hours
Customer appreciation events without clear demand generation metrics
Unless directly tied to a marketing activity or campaign.
Charity Donations Including Charity sponsorships.
Sponsored Events Sponsorship costs for events
Lotteries, Raffles,
All contests of chance
Competing Activity with your company Promoting or supporting products in competition with your company
Partner President’s
Internal employee award/contests not directly related to product


We understand that not every business has the time and budget to do the job right. Here are some helpful categories of expenses which should be marked as such in (or out of) the marketing budget as per your organisation policy and business objectives.

Penalty or Cancellation Fees  
Travel, lodging, other travel-related expenses
Rush Fees
Entertainment Activities without clear demand generation metrics
Gifts Including gift and entertainment for company employees
Unless directly associated with a co-sponsored event (i.e. reception)
Health care benefits, taxes, equipment (including hardware or software), furniture, telephone expenses/charges.
Funding or any other business courtesies for employees of government entities or state-owned companies is not permitted in most ethical companies.

Now let us see the Activity Type vs the Qualified Metrics for measuring ROI in a typical enterprise software company. This list can be used with appropriate modifications by your company as a baseline for tabulating all marketing expenditures.

Activity Type     Qualified metrics for ROI        
Advertising / Promotion 1- Reach, impressions, CTR if applicable
2- Number of leads generated
1- Reach
2- Impressions
3- CTR and downloads if applicable
Direct Marketing
(email, direct mail)  
1- Number of leads Generated
2- Number of leads closed  
Product End-user offer 1 – Number of seats generated
2-Number of Trials/Installs for revenue generated
3- Date of sale
4- Product/edition sold
Events – Partner Hosted Events 1- Number of Attendees
2- Number of Leads Generated
Events – Trade Shows/ 3rd party
/ Industry events
1- Number of attendees
2- Number of Leads Generated
Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Social Media Ads     1- Reach, impressions, CTR
2- Number of leads generated
List (Database) Purchase 1- Number of Leads Generated
Sales Promotion and Incentives
1- Number of Leads Generated
2- Number of leads closed
3- Increase in Sales during incentive period
Telemarketing 1- Number of leads generated  
Training 1- Number of attendees
Video/Print Testimonials 1- Reach, impressions
2- Download or views
Webinars, online seminars,
1- Number of Leads Generated
Whitepaper     Depending on distribution channel:
1- download or,
2- reach / impressions  
All other activities not listed 1- Reach / impressions
2- Number of leads generated

Now you can head over to the blog article to understand that ROI (Return-On-Investment) analysis can be measured in various ways. Once you measure your own ROI, keep comparing and updating the list for your own organisation.

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Measuring Marketing Investment Results

Marketing funds in an enterprise are allocated to foster go-to-market activities, driving one or more of the following goals:


  • Demand Generation
  • Sales & Marketing Enablement
  • Deal Acceleration
  • Upsell existing customers


  • Market Awareness
  • Business Development

Understand that ROI (Return-On-Investment) analysis can be measured in various ways. In general, we expect all marketing activities to achieve a minimum ROI of 20:1 annually, or for the length of the contract period. In other words, for $1 invested, an activity should generate $20 in revenue (or $10, $5 as per your product)

Here are a few definitions and formulas to help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns:

  • Revenue Generated by marketing Activity: revenue attributed to the activity for a 12-month period or for the length of the expected contract period.
  • Pipeline Generated by Activity: pipeline revenue attributed to the activity for a 12-month period or for the length of the expected contract period.
  • Cost of Activity: Funding towards marketing
  • Lead: potential sales contact, individual or organization that expressed an interest.
  • Target/Prospect: potential customer that has been qualified as fitting certain criteria
  • Attendee: a prospect or lead who attends a conference or event.
  • Impressions/reach/views/downloads: the total number of times that your content is displayed, viewed or downloaded by a prospect.

Revenue ROI = (Revenue Generated by Activity – Cost of Activity) /
Cost of Activity

Pipeline ROI = (Revenue Generated by Activity – Cost of Activity) /
Cost of Activity

CPL (Cost per Lead) = Cost of Activity / Number of Leads

For a context on what constitutes a marketing activity and what are the expenses, check our next article. In that article our expert Marketing Analyst specifies a partial list of the most common marketing activity categories to create brand awareness and demand lead generation.

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Does your business need a Toll-free number?

A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement. Your business is in a position because of your customers. They are the future investment of your company & their satisfaction is of primary importance.

A Toll-free number can be an essential step for your business to enhance customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness, improve ROI & much more.

Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers that can be dialed from any device with no charges being incurred by called party.The cost for a toll free call is borne by the called party, which is the toll-free subscriber, and not the calling party (your customers). With a toll free number to call your business, your customers can now reach you more conveniently

Let’s understand how Toll-free numbers can benefit your business.

Use it as a Marketing Tool:

Use Toll-free number as a marketing tool

Your Toll-free number can act as a marketing tool with customized numbers that customers will not forget easily. These customized toll -free numbers known as “vanity numbers” are available at the same prices.

For example, 1-800-ELLE these intelligent combinations can be used to draw customers.

Customer relations

One of the most significant parameters to add Toll-free number in your business tactics is customer’s satisfaction. By incorporating a Toll-free number into your business, you can be easily accessible for your customers 24*7 to answer their inquiries. It builds trust between customers & you, which in turn leads to customer loyalty.

As we all know”The customer’s perception is your reality. What they think about your products, MATTER. If you don’t put your customer’s perception first, THE GAME IS OVER.”

Creating a brand presence:

Your customers can reach out to you at zero cost. If you are a small venture or a multinational company, your first challenge is to gain loyal customers & create a positive impression of your brand on them. If you display your Toll-free number on the website, people are more likely to inquire about your products. It helps to be perceived as a brand amongst your competitors.

Enhance your Brand awareness

Your customers can reach out to you at zero cost. If you are a small venture or a multinational company, your first challenge is to gain loyal customers & create a positive impression of your brand on them. If you display your Toll-free number on the website, people are more likely to inquire about your products.

It helps to be perceived as a brand amongst your competitors.

By incorporating IVR, you can play a customized message & showcase your brand. You can also route the calls to separate departments with reverence to different inquiries. Thus IVR combined with Toll-free number can enhance your brand image & also increase your revenues.


If you want to relocate your business, you can do it without worrying about changing your contact number. A toll-free number resides with you despite the change in location. Even if you move across countries or states, you can still maintain contact with your customers with the initial contact number.

The toll-free number can have a significant impact on your business. It leaves an impression on your customer since it is easier to remember. They are even more notable if you choose a vanity number as words are easier to remember than numbers.

With Toll-free numbers, transform your phone into one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Are you on Cloud 9?

Are you tired of acquiring on-premise servers, installing operating systems & hire consultants to fix the issues?

Afraid of catastrophic effects on failing servers? Is your OPEX rising high of acquiring all the hardware for your own personal data centers?

Then “Cloud” is the ultimate solution for your enterprise. Now you can store & access your data from everywhere & any part of the world. It depends on shared resources rather than having on-premise local servers, so you can now reduce your OPEX by eliminating the need for procuring hardware, consultants to fix IT issues &   acquiring stacks of hard drives for backup

Cloud hosting & cost savings:

One of the best parts of cloud computing is that the pool of resources is accessible online, so you can reduce your OPEX by eliminating the need to buy hardware & its maintenance. Now your business can switch from conventional computing to cloud computing without spending any money on additional infrastructures & upgrades.

Scalable resources & pay-as-you-go pricing:

If you have your own on-premise data center & suddenly if there is a need to increase computing resources, you will have to procure new expensive servers, install & configure it. This will lead to two problems, rise in OPEX & uncertainty of the usage of the server. If you only need to meet short-term demand, then the capacity of the server will be laying unnecessarily idle & if the demand increases suddenly then you might not be able to get the server running on time.

This issue is addressed by using the cloud. Scalability is an in-built feature in the cloud. So if you need resources for two days or a week or a month, you can increase your computing capacity accordingly & when the demand decreases, you can always scale down. You are only charged with the extra resources that you use.

With Elle.bot, choose the right servers for you & make your business more agile.

Flexible working & Mobility:

Cloud computing gives flexibility to the employees to access the organization’s files from anywhere & at any point in time, making them more productive on the go. The employees can access the company’s system using web-enabled devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones & tablets from anywhere & collaborate in real-time with others by sharing files & conferencing.

More Storage & Data Recovery:

With cloud storage, the need for external drives is eliminated. Organization’s don’t need to spend extra money on servers & IT staff to maintain the storage.  You can always drag & drop your files & folders to the cloud storage. Moreover, cloud storage is just not storage, it can also be used for collaboration. Now you can access & edit the files from anywhere by providing editing capabilities to the authorized users. These edits are saved automatically & shared with the collaborators.

In case of any catastrophic disaster, you can always retrieve your data with minimal restore time.

So, be tension-free about the storage & loss of your data.Elle.bot can help you find the best cloud backup solutions.


In the cloud, your data is more secure than in your local environment, as your data is encrypted. The cloud-provider provides enterprise-grade security like multi-factor authentication & security certificates so that your enterprise is secure from hacking & data -theft.  These security solutions help enterprises by managing enhanced infrastructures for compliance & protect personal & financial data.

Secured environment for all your endpoint devices

With Elle.bot, find the best cloud services for your business.

Why Digital Transformation?


More than 80% of the CIOs have attempted Digital Transformation initiatives in their organisation over the last 5 years.

Digital transformation is the “in” buzzword in the telecom, mobility, and information technology management industry, but what does it really mean? Digital transformation is strategically defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. What a lot of organizations typically fail to realize is that this mechanism of change is a huge one–and changes just about every area of your company. The speed in which you implement digital transformation–or Dx–is up to you, but there are few areas you should pay attention to before you engage in a massive Dx strategic plan.

Why does Dx matter? 

Digital transformation matters because it’s a matter of survival. It’s no longer a choice. As Howard King, a contributor for The Guardian recently penned, “Businesses don’t transform by choice because it is expensive and risky. Businesses go through transformation when they have failed to evolve.” Natural evolutionary processes for digital transformation are the reasons why Dx matters most. It also matters because your customers expect more and more digital interactions as your competitors and their lives transform into a fully immersed digital culture.

Additionally, a recent 2018 McKinsey data survey tellingly express than more than 80% of CIOs have said their organizations have made digital transformation efforts in the last five years. That’s an astounding number of professionals changing their workforce culture and their customer experiences. This has been blogged about by AOTMP as well.

What is digital optimization? 

Digital optimization is the milder implementation of Dx. Compared to transformation, it may seem like a tweak rather a reinvention. Businesses optimize by zeroing in on a particular area that they could perfect, such as productivity, collaboration or enhancement of their current digital infrastructure. Here, technology is the enabler working around the systems, processes and human resources that already exist in an organization.

An optimization project can also be a pilot you use to test the waters before plunging into a full-fledged transformation. Frequently, optimization projects can serve as health markers for a company’s readiness in terms of project governance, internal processes, and infrastructure.

So which should I choose? 

Depending on your size, you have to choose whether or not you can afford for a Dx initiative to fail or succeed. Clear, measurable metrics, including KPIs, can help determine your company’s investigation into Dx. If you’re not looking to make radical shifts in your organization, a digital optimization may be the right choice. As we continue through this blog series, Discover Dx, we will provide insights on organizations that have undergone both digital transformations and digital optimizations.

Elle.bot enables organizations to succeed in their digital transformation and digital optimization plans. Contact us to learn more. 

4 Key Benefits of Call Center Solutions.

A very learned man once said, “A Penny saved is a Penny earned.”

Similarly, every penny is essential when you are trying to grow your business & outsourcing Call Center functions can help you manage your funds better & focus on your core business.

This solution provides you the basic building blocks needed to create a full-featured inbound or outbound call center.

The Call Center solution includes predictive, progressive & selective dialer software, outbound call center software & inbound call center software with additional features such as Voice Logger, Interactive Voice Broadcasting(IVR) & many more.

Over time this solution has helped in increasing the efficiency of the business process, improved ROI & enhanced customer relationships. Let’s understand how this solution can benefit your business.

Improved Customer Relations:

When people are in distress about their products, they don’t text or mail, they CALL.

When your customers are encountering issues, customer care is the first place they think of enquiring. They expect that you will have the relevant imperative information & handle their inquiries in an efficient manner.

To handle these requests efficiently, Call Center application is the best medium in the market.

This solution routes a call based on the product/service/solution & the location of the customer  & then assigns it to the best agent. When customers receive quick responses to their queries, they see more value in your business which in turn increases the brand loyalty.

Enhanced Data Access:

This solution stores & organizes the data of the client. It encompasses everything from personal information to purchase & service history. It helps the agents to address customer queries more efficiently & is a customized manner.

Improved Sales:

Since this solution stores, the data of your clients, sales managers & more authoritative people can manage pre-sale queries of existing clients. They can also cross-sell the products & enhance their sales.

Analyze Performance:

Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market.

As all the calls are monitored & recorded, be it inbound or outbound, these calls can be used to analyze the performance of the agents. It can serve as a crucial parameter in measuring the performance of your agents & business.

The benefits of this solution are not limited. With additional features such as Voice logger, IVR & much more, you can enhance the productivity of your organization, drive more sales & focus on your core business.

With Elle.bot, enhance your customer relationships &  improve business process efficiency by leveraging Call Center Solutions.