How to Kill Your Bill in 2019!

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Now that the flurry of new year wishes has reduced, its time to get back to reducing costs, too. One of the business goals in 2019 for a small or large enterprise is to reduce recurring telecom spend, aka kill my bill. Here is how to dramatically slash costs by up to 33% or more:

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Kill Your Bill by up to 33% or more in 2019: Save money by uploading your bills: fixed line, mobile, landline, data links, cloud and other enterprise connectivity services.

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Meet Elle.bot

Elle.bot inspects your communication bills and telecom environment to find opportunities that can save you money, improve your performance, increase your reliability, and help you implement best practices.

Powered by Intellibuzz since 2000, our customers have viewed over 2.6 million bill recommendations and realized over $90 million in estimated cost reductions.

“NEW! Marketing Platform on the platter”

Do you know that Whatsapp has more users than Linkedin, Instagram & Pinterest combined? Do you know what that means?

It means that an SMS based platform is the most engaging marketing channel on the planet right now.

With already an enormous database of 1.5 million & an average user check rate of 23 times per day, the possibility to engage with your target audience is exceptionally huge as juxtaposed to any other marketing platform. From Netflix to OYO, they have leveraged this platform successfully & enhanced their customer engagement rate.

So, let’s understand how Whatsapp marketing can benefit your business.

Real Time Service:    

With features like voice call, video call, chat & location tracking, you can always connect to your customers anytime &  resolve their queries immediately, building a loyal relationship with their audience.

Positioning of your Brand:

When you interact with your customers personally, you are bound to know what are their needs & what are they expecting out of your business. With the help of this platform, you can assure your clients that you are really concerned about their needs.

Promotions & Advertising :

It is a unique platform where you can endorse new products & offers that are available at a  discounted rate. By creating short messages with eye catchy images & videos, you can always promote your product & increase customer engagement rate. You can also change your status & exhibiting pictures regularly to endorse new products or any service.

Broadcast Lists:

You can always send a tailored message to your target audience by creating a broadcast list. By designing a unique list & sending the tailored message can enhance the customer engagement rate. If the users reply, the interaction would be one on one & not anyone else in the broadcast list. In this way, you can interact with your customers & understand their pain points.

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Today, marketers are centering more on messenger apps rather than other social media platforms. Since it has 1.5 million monthly active users & 60% of the world population uses it, marketers use it as an alternative tool to enhance their customer engagement.

What can be a better platform than Whatsapp to get more personal?

As they say, nothing is personal. Getting personal is the new trend in the market.

With Elle.bot, enhance the customer engagement rate & create a loyalty program using one of the most innovative tools in the market right now.

Is a leased line right for your business?

Today, every organization relies on the internet for communication between their branches or exchange of data. The performance of a company degrades if it has a weak internet connection, especially if your company has various offices & there is a constant exchange of massive amounts of data among them.

 There are multiple ways to access the internet & broadband connection seems to be the most common one. But are you satisfied with the restrictive nature of the broadband connection?

A dedicated line called an internet leased line is preferred for providing internet connectivity to the organizations.

What is an Internet Leased Line?

It is a dedicated internet connection between two or more locations. The term ‘dedicated’ means that the bandwidth is solely reserved for the company’s use so there are no changes in the speed or availability at the time of high demand.

There are many benefits of using Internet Leased line & few of them are listed below.

Dedicated Internet Connection:

The primary advantage of internet leased line is that it is a dedicated connection. So, all along the leased line, the bandwidth will be solely reserved for the company’s use. Unlike broadband or fiber, the bandwidth doesn’t fluctuate during peak times, so the internet will never be slow, even if the traffic is high at peak times.

Symmetric Connectivity:

It provides a similar speed for uploading & downloading, whereas in broadband speed for downloading is very high as compared to uploading. The symmetric connectivity can be useful if the organizations have to transfer a massive amount of files regularly, backup data, hosting websites, mail servers, etc. without any interruptions.

Reliable connection:

With leased lines, you will always get a reliable connection as there are rarely any transmission errors & electrical interference. Moreover, the performance parameters like latency, jitter , etc. can be monitored with internet leased lines.

Internet Leased Lines comes with Service Level Agreement(SLAs). Therefore, if you have any issue  & it is not promptly rectified, compensations will be issued immediately.

Broader Choice of Bandwidth:

There is a broader choice of bandwidth when it comes to internet leased line, starting from 2Mbps to 10 Gbps.When it comes to broadband, the options are very less.


The service providers usually offer services like Managed DDoS protection with Internet Leased Lines. So, no more worries about data theft & malware.

Leased lines can offer you an unbeatable level of internet connectivity. By leveraging the internet leased lines, you can get faster & reliable internet access. It offers high availability with Service uptime up to 99.9 %, SLAs, managed services option with multiple routers, online performance on network & much more. It helps you to collaborate quicker &securely, improving the overall productivity of an organization.

With Elle.bot, improve the overall productivity of your organization by leveraging internet leased lines. 

The future of productivity tools: G Suite

G Suite is a collection of smart apps such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendars, Google Drive, etc. Leverage G Suite to discover the power of productivity & enhance your workforce effectivity.

Here are a few benefits of using G Suite for your company.

To know more about the benefits of G Suite & how companies have successfully used it to enhance their productivity, click here.

Are you wondering whether to choose G Suite Basic, G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise?

Let’s compare these three editions briefly to analyze the needs of your company so as to enhance the productivity of your company.

Pricing Plans:

The pricing structure is quite simple.

  • Basic-Rs210 per user per month.
  • Business-Rs 714 per user per month.
  • Enterprise- Rs 1650 per user per month.

Storage Space:

The Basic edition users get 30 GB of cloud storage, whereas the Business & Enterprise edition gets unlimited cloud storage. One unique feature, you should be aware of is Team Drive. Unlike Google Drive, the files saved here belong to the team & not to the individuals. You don’t have to worry about the data loss if an employee leaves your organization.

Google Vault:

The Google vault comprises of eDiscovery, archiving tools & auditing features. The feature of Smart search & Cloud search seems to be the most beneficial for enterprises, as it provides the ability to retain, access, track, and manage your company’s data saved on Gmail to on-record chats. The vault feature is available only for Business & Enterprise edition.

Data Loss prevention for Gmail & Google Drive:

The most valuable asset to any enterprise is the data of its customers.  With Data Loss prevention, admins can prevent data leaks & data loss to a great extent.

  • The admin can set up policy-based actions to notify the admin, add warnings to message headers or block emails from being sent when sensitive content is detected.
  • The admin can also prevent unauthorized sharing of files with sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, stored in Drive.

This feature is available only for Business & Enterprise editions.

Security & Administration controls:

With G Suite, a lot of collaboration happens in real time, leading to an exchange of valuable information online. In this case, the organization is bound to become a target for malware & phishing attacks.

With this tool, an admin can keep track of all the potential threats. There are two significant parts of this tool: Security dashboard & Security health.

  • Security dashboard: As the name suggests, it tracks all the parameters regarding the security of your organization. You can also inspect the parameters that represent your security effectiveness.
  • Security health: You can review the current security settings & also get recommendations for potential improvements in data storage, sharing policies & so on.

Analyze your company’s needs & purchase a G Suite subscription at Elle.bot B2B store. Elle.bot runs special discounts on G Suite subscriptions.

Debunking the myth of Desktop Virtualization.

Does your organization have extensive operations & need a large number of individual machines? Is large-scale roll outs & upgrades increasing your OPEX? What if cyberattacks disrupt your whole  IT infrastructure?

The apt measure to counteract these issues is  “Desktop Virtualization.

Desktop virtualization separates an individual’s PC applications like Tally, PowerPoint, Word, Notepad, etc. from his/her desktop & hosts it on a remote central server. Other than that it gives all the computing resources, manageability & security required for enterprises who are looking forward to slashing their OPEX. With the help of this solution, you can provide your employees access to the resources at any time & anywhere. This solution can be leveraged by an enterprise irrespective of its size.

Here are a few benefits of going virtual.

Easy Rollouts:

If your operation is on a massive scale & a large number of machines are to be deployed, you can easily have a single cloned virtual machine that encompasses all the software & drivers setup. All the other devices only need virtualization software.

More Secure

Provisioning devices to the employees , so that they can work remotely can be difficult & costly. It also raises some of the security risks for the organization.

To overcome this desktop virtualization can be used. Every virtual machine can be locked down by separating it from each other & any changes might indicate the presence of malicious changes.The employees can access applications from any device & any network.

More control over installed software:

Virtualized systems are relatively easy to maintain. If any employee downloads unauthorized software on the machine, it can be easily removed by rebooting the system. This restricts the device to slow down  & also provides an easy way to troubleshoot.

Reduce down time:

Whenever there are a series of server updates,  the virtual machines can be transferred from one server to another & the users are not aware of these upgrades. This leads to reduced downtime.

Slash your expenses:

Desktop virtualization leads to a reduction in prices as the software licensing requirements are less. Enterprises can also save money in the IT department, as only a few IT executives are required to manage systems & troubleshoot user problems. All of this leads to the same place that is slashing expenses for the business.

Elle.bot can help you find the best desktop virtualization solutions.

Terminal Service Plus(TS Plus)

  • It is the best desktop virtualization solution for your enterprise. A complete solution for Remote Access & Web Portal. It is also the best alternative to Citrix & Windows Terminal Server.
  • It enables you to connect to your Remote Desktop and to start your Windows applications with your favorite web browser
  • It is the fastest & affordable way to instantly deliver existing Windows applications to users anywhere. With HTML5, Mobile users can start applications or a Remote Desktop session from any device (iPhone, IPAD, Galaxy, MAC).

Top 5 Business benefits of using Cloud Backup

Do you have on-premise backups? Afraid of hardware failures & the loss of your valuable data?

The larger enterprises have the capital to afford on-premise backups but are uncertain about the hardware failures & hiring IT consultants to fix the issues regarding data loss, leading to an increase in OPEX. On the other hand, small enterprises & startups cannot afford on-premise backups & can neither bear data loss.

Cloud Backup is the ultimate solution to this problem.

The main objective of backing up the data is to restore your valuable data in case of any catastrophic events. But what if the hardware fails too? By backing up the data to the cloud, roll back up in time & access your data without worrying about any hardware failure. You can backup & access your data from anywhere & at any point in time since you will no longer be dependent on a single computer or a server. The cloud backups are virtual servers which are positioned around the globe, so even if an entire facility collapses, your data will always be accessible from anywhere, maintained and securely stored.

Here are a few benefits of cloud storage

No Infrastructure Investment

The cloud backup seamlessly blends with your existing infrastructure that is already in place. So there is no need of purchasing any new type of equipment for backup & data recovery.

Quick Recovery

You can quickly retrieve data regardless of your location and at any point in time.  If ever your data gets deleted, you can always recover your valuable data as multiple copies of the data are saved all over several locations & autonomous of each other. This allows you to access your data, even if it is deleted.

Encryption of data for better security

In cloud backup, files are encrypted before transferring it to a cloud server & the only way to decrypt is the decryption key which resides with the organization. So, you are no more subjected to threats from hackers.

No more Tape Backup

Using tape backups can be very costly & they can be easily stolen. Recovering data from Tape Backups can be a complicated process. To overcome this, cloud backups can be used as they retrieve your critical data quickly with fewer costs & the data is encrypted, so no more worries about getting your data stolen.

Enhance Compliance Safeguards

In cloud backup, multiple copies of your data are stored in various locations which provide better protection from threats or natural disasters. This helps companies to enhance their defenses against threats.

Elle.bot provides the best cloud backup solutions. Let’s take a look at it.

CrashPlan PROe

CrashPlan PROe is flexible, reliable & secure backup solutions for enterprises. It backups your precious files in real time & comes with an in-built feature of backing up data to multiple locations to provide the highest level of accessibility. So, you can either choose  Onsite backup for fast restore or Offsite backup for Disaster recovery only. It has a seamless user interface, so the user can easily recover the data without assistance from anyone. You can quickly revive data of a particular time to a specific version of a file or folder. The data is secured with the help of multi-grade security measures so that your data is always secured around the clock. It comes with AES-256 bit encryption, including a private key option.

CrashPlan PROe benefits

It backs up your most recent files first, then make sure you have a full backup at one destination as soon as possible. Even while you’re working, CrashPlan is silently crunching numbers in the background, de-duplicating data between all your files to keep your backups as small and efficient as possible.

Keep your company’s valuable data safe with Elle.bot

Top 3 Reasons to use G Suite at your Company

Earlier,  maybe 20 years ago, employees used to carry their heavy bags which included equally heavy systems, multiple backup drives & stacks of important documents. The precious time that business runs on was worn out on assembling the documents, backing up the important data & much more, affecting the productivity of the enterprises.

The bigger companies had their own office servers to manage their email service & to back up their data. But what about small scale industries & startups who don’t have the wherewithal–or don’t want–to set up their own email servers & hire IT consultants?

Well G Suite is the solution to your problem. Let’s understand how G Suite can benefit your business.

Efficient Team Collaboration:

The set of intelligent apps provided by G Suite such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Hangouts, etc. allow you & your team members to connect & collaborate at any time, anywhere in the world.

Case Study 1:

One of the best examples leveraging G Suite for effective collaboration & enhancing their productivity is Design Within Reach company.

It makes authentic & modern furniture & decors. It leverages G Suite apps such as Docs, Forms, Calendars & Hangouts to connect to their multiple studios spread around the world in real time by sending them updates in Google Docs on how to set-up the furniture pieces, the decor placements to the studio employees so as to provide the best-in-class customer experience driving higher sales. The employees have access to queries & FAQ’s at their fingertips as all this data is saved in Google drive.

Data Security, Accessibility & Analytics

Now storing & accessing your data securely is possible with the help of a cloud-storage platform known as Google Drive.

G Suite stores your data in Google’s data centers which are spread all over the world which guarantees if one or more server fails, your data will not be lost & you will always have a backup of your data. This also means that your employees can access the company’s data on the go without worrying about the loss of data.

Seamless Communication

We have all experienced the benefits of Gmail, but G Suite comes with more appealing features. You can get your own custom email with your company’s domain name. This will showcase the professional attributes of your company in the eyes of the customer.

One of the well-known app from G Suite is Hangouts. With this video-conferencing app, people can communicate with employees & clients seamlessly.

Case Study 2:

Astley Clarke leverages G Suite efficiently. It makes unique gemstone jewelry & its employees are located around the world. With the help of Gmail, Google Docs & Hangouts they communicate effectively. For example, when they display their jewelry in malls or shops, they communicate with the shop associates & make sure whether they are merchandising it properly or not. Similarly, the designer communicates about the gemstones & designs with the help of Hangouts, when she has to travel to Jaipur, India & Paris, France for collecting gemstones.

Easier Organization

With the help of Google Calendar, plan meetings& projects, keep a record of deadlines & schedule appointments.

This planner is visible to the entire company, where employees can view &track their deadlines, map project milestones & color code to signal whether any appointment is done or rescheduled.  Google Calendar is fused with Gmail, so any scheduling of events is directly sent to your mail.

Cost Savings – KillTheBill

G Suite offers a set of intelligent apps such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendar, etc. for free but by paying a little bit more you can get more features to enhance your productivity. Rather than having an office server, use Google’s server to access & backup your data. This eliminates the need for purchasing hardware, maintenance of servers on premises & technicians or consultant to fix issues regarding hardware.

There are three plans which you can sign up for: Google Basic, Google Business & Google Enterprise.
All of these plans come with different applications & features. Analyze your company’s needs & purchase a GSuite subscription at Elle.bot B2B store. Elle.bot runs special discounts on GSuite subscriptions.

Want to know which plan would suit best for your company?

The Business Benefits of SD-WAN

Digital Transformation Initiative

Digital transformation means applying next- generation capabilities to processes, products and assets to improve business efficiency or enhance the customer experience. When describing their digital transformation strategies, enterprises often cite the following technologies as core:

  • Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Big Data/Analytics/KPIs
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN does far more than save an organization money. Indeed, the business benefits extend much further, which is important when considering implementing this technology. Other advantages include greater network security, reliability and performance – translating into happier users and clients, as just one example.

Additional benefits can include readiness and ability to handle next-generation technology deployments such as the Internet of Things. This Analyst Perspective report guides enterprises through some of the benefits of using SD-WAN instead of legacy networks; it also gives vendors independent backing to discuss with clients and prospects the outcomes their SD-WAN solutions facilitate.

Deploying SD-WAN can, and should, result in several business benefits. Contact Elle.bot to know more about SD-WAN benefits for your enterprise.

Elle.bot B2B Advisory for Enterprise

Elle.bot B2B Advisory Practice focuses on the management of multiple practice areas, including

  • IoT,
  • cybersecurity,
  • enterprise mobility,
  • telecom expense,
  • mobile & IT Services/application development,
  • BI/data analytics,
  • enterprise telecom/mobility/technology environments,
  • telecom/mobility/technology ecosystem

Enterprises take advantage of Elle.bot’s targeted research, analysis and advisory services to boost telecom/mobility/technology management efficiency, performance and productivity. This brings greater value and impact to the overall business – including reducing costs. For vendors that impact the performance, productivity and efficiency of an enterprise’s telecom, mobility or technology environment, following Elle.bot’s proven approach leads to higher revenue, more market share, competitive differentiation and happier customers.

One key distinction about Elle.bot stems from our extensive reach and relationships with telecom, mobility, cloud and technology management business professionals. Thanks to our advanced statistical & ML methods, we extract information from bills and other sources that helps enterprises measure themselves against their peers and gives vendors unprecedented views into their clients’ and prospects’ business pains and goals. And then Elle recommends the solutions that best match their goals.

Overall, Elle.bot sets the standard for telecom/mobility/technology management expertise, guiding enterprises and vendors alike to positive, measurable outcomes.

Elle.bot advisory services cover network services, carrier services, mobility and IoT solutions, cloud solutions, software, hardware, and emerging technologies that impact the performance and business value of technology. Using information, data and compiled analytics from thousands of enterprise environments. Sign up or Contact us at hello@elle.bot or call us at +91-22-25100672 to know more.

Top 2 ways to Slash Expenses on Corporate Email

Civilisation spreads and takes root along the paths of communication,” declared Charles de Freycinet, the French Minister for Public Works, in 1880. The same is true for a businesses in the twenty-first century: we can aptly say that an enterprise spreads and takes root along the paths of effective communication.

Elle.bot helps businesses to device brilliant strategies to use corporate email suites like GSuites in a novel way. With Elle.bot you can assign Premium GSuite accounts for your top-C-Level Suite members, and normal email accounts to the other staff.

Case in point: If you have 100+ people in your company, this technique drastically optimises your costs by upto 57% or more while being on the best email system. Elle.bot can also offer GSuite accounts for you that can be mapped to your domain: the advantages of these accounts are that you pay a very low cost per month!

Elle.bot is an Enterprise Communications Catalyst, an advisor to your business. Contact Elle.bot experts to help you device a crystal clear communication path to securely and confidently spread your message to the world.

Sign up on Elle.bot and reply to us now for exciting offers for your business.

Connectivity during Indian Mutiny 1857

News of the Indian Mutiny had taken forty-six (46) days to reach London in 1857, travelling at an effective speed of 3.8 miles an hour.

By the late 1860s, thanks to the introduction of gutta-percha coating, undersea cables could be laid and telegrams sent from London to Bombay or to Halifax. News of the huge Nobi earthquake in Japan in 1891 took a single day, travelling at 246 miles an hour, sixty-five times faster.

Can you imagine the speed it’d take for information to travel in 2021? Connectivity has shrank the world, but expanded our opportunities. Let Elle.bot solve your communications challenges: Be it core connectivity services, productivity solutions or team collaboration.

Elle.bot offers–and builds–incredible  enterprise solutions to expand your world.